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What is
personal health

Personal health information (PHI) is “identifying information” about an individual's health or health care history.

This can include quite a lot of information, such as information about your health condition(s), treatment, health care number, drugs that you may be taking, and so much more.

Privacy laws in Canada define and aim to protect PHI

What is
health data?|

Health data can include PHI, however it can also include information that cannot be linked to a person. This type of data is often referred to as anonymized.

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What can
it do?|

Health data can provide insights and information that can be used to improve the health of individuals, families and even communities. Health data can also help us develop new technologies that can help us understand and treat diseases or provide better health.

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Why should our health data be

Health data can tell us new information about our own health, how to best treat diseases, and can even give us information on how to keep our communities healthy. If we use health data in a smart and responsible way, the insights we develop may help us to prevent disease and keep people from getting sick in the first place. Additionally, these insights can make our healthcare systems more effective and efficient, speed up important scientific research, and even make healthcare services more sustainable for future generations in Canada.

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Who does it get shared with

Your personal health information is shared with those who are involved in providing your care or others that you choose to share it with.

You can provide it to anyone you wish. The choice is yours!

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How is it

Data is protected in many different ways. For instance, ‘data minimization’ is one way companies are protecting data. It means that they only collect as little information that is needed and no more. (The less they have - the better. Less is more!)

There are also many other privacy and security practices whereby data is secured.

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What can
you do|

You can find out more about how others share your data and how it will be used. Once you know these things you can then choose for yourself and ultimately exercise control over it!

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